Gold Sheen and Golden Sheen are actually the same

The name “Gold sheen sapphire” often called as “Golden Sheen Sapphire” too, meaning that the name is clearly interchangeable. The term “Gold Sheen” was first described by GIA testing laboratory in Bangkok back in 2013. The samples of these gemstones tested to confirm and all were natural corundum and the color described brown with gold sheen effect.

gold or golden sheen sapphires
Gold or Golden Sheen Sapphires

Gold Sheen Sapphire industry recognized unique variety of corundum that came to prominence with brief report from various trusted gemological laboratories including Gemological Institute of America. This unique variety of corundum displaying a golden sheen, known in the trade as gold sheen or golden sheen sapphires.

Origin of gold or golden sheen sapphires

These sapphires mined from an undisclosed mine from eastern Kenya near the Somalia border. The advantage of the Gold Sheen Sapphires is that provenance is transparent. They come from single mine and now the mine has fully depleted. That mean there are no more excavation from the existing mine.

Gold Sheen Sapphire exhibits a golden sheen effect and all cabochon cut will exhibit some degree of asterism. This corundum contain dense needles and platelets of hematite/ilmenite inclusions, which responsible for producing a golden shimmer on the surface and possessed sufficiently large inclusion-free areas to enable high-quality spectra which making each of them with their own distinctive inclusion. Totally unique.

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