Gold Sheen Sapphire Price And An Overview

The 2019 price chart and prices reporting has been updated to bring it into line with the gold sheen sapphire grading system has been developed to classify the different grades and their prices. The most remarkable change is the inclusion of the “commercial” quality to met a market price points less than $100 per carat.

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Gold Sheen Sapphires

Source of the gold sheen sapphire price data

The chart of gold sheen sapphire price reporting being updated every quarter of the year and has enough current data from trade fares. These data are the indicator of current market price and observer in wide range.

Since most of the price data comes principally from major trade fairs, the Trade Price of individual pieces sold is a reliable source too in price updating. There are enough points now to give a meaningful moving average, this should provide a good trend indicator for the future price too.

Quality grades of gold sheen sapphires

There are four major grades to determine the quality of gold sheen sapphire that accurately reflect its value to buyers

1. Commercial – Noticeable blemishes that distract from striation and/or compromise the gems structure. Opaque to semi-translucent.
2. Good – Small but eye visible blemishes masked by striations that do not compromise in structure. Semi-translucent to semi-transparent. Very Good – sub-grade, nearing Fine grade
3. Fine – No eye visible blemishes. Translucent to semi-transparent. Extra fine – sub-grade, nearing Exceptional grade
4. Exceptional – No loupe visible blemishes. Semi-transparent

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Gold sheen sapphires prices

The gold sheen sapphire prices mostly depend on the golden sheen effect, the transparency, the size, the body color of the stone, the pattern created by the sheen area and dark dark veins and quality of six rayed star in the case of star sapphire.

Price update by 2018

When these gold sheen sapphires entered the gemstone market, their price was about US$10 per carat for the commercial quality. Nowadays thanks to the reports in jewelry and gemological literature, conference and sale at gems and jewelry shows, the price being at a few tens of dollars per carat reaches about US$750 per carat for the best quality pieces sold to wholesalers or retailers by the end of 2018.

Price update by 2019

Golden sheen sapphire prices by 2019 for commercial grade stones were to range from $7 to $20 per carat. The Good and Very good grade’s sales reported ranging from $25 to $50, Fine and Very Fine grade showed a wide variation with prices negotiated from $80 to $250 per carat.

The most marked variation was for Exceptional grade stones ranging from $550 to over $1,500 reported in one case.

Gold sheen sapphire price update by 2020

Gold Sheen Sapphire Prices
Gold Sheen Sapphire Price chart By Grade

The prices have remained almost constant over the year for commercial grades. But in contrast the price of exceptional, translucent, multicolored variety fetches up to US$ 2,000 in some extent.

  • US$7 to US$20 Per Carat – Commercial grade,
  • US$25 to US$60 Per Carat – Good to very good grades,
  • US$100 to US$300 – Fine to extra fine grades,
  • US$550 to US$1,000 – Rare grades,
  • US$600 to US$2,000 Per Carat – Exceptional, Multicolor, Translucent varieties.

This variety of corundum are rarer and valuable when the stones are highly translucent but the presence of sheen elements, necessary to create the sheen effect, decreases their transparency.

Gold Sheen Sapphire Price Indicator
Gold Sheen Sapphire Price Indicator

Gold Sheen Sapphires were excavated from a single mine ever found in Kenya has reported that the mine depleted completely by the end of 2014. While other types of gemstones are still being mined in quantity, Golden Sheen Sapphire will become increasingly rare over time and the prices expected to rise furthermore. 

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