Before we take a brief look on gold sheen sapphire jewelry, we all knew that sapphires are precious and second hardest crystal on earth after diamond. The gold (golden) sheen sapphire one of the industries recognized unique verity within the corundum family. They came with brief gemological laboratory reports as ‘natural sapphire’ by GIA, GIT, GRS, AIGS, Tokyo gem labs and Lotus gemology.

Why Gold Sheen Sapphire Become a choice

Gold Sheen Sapphire will become increasingly rare over time and differs from other conventional sapphires. These verity exhibits a golden adularescence caused by the gem’s molecular structure that refracts and reflects light. It creates an iridescence which gives the appearance of light coming from within the stone. These intriguing sapphires are golden in hue, with a magical play of light under the surface.

Unique Inclusion patterns

The nature of the hematite and ilmenite inclusions in gold sheen sapphires make each stone individually unique, like a fingerprint. Each stone has its own individual character and beauty. They are being cut in a variety of ways including checkerboard, rose cut, brilliant, and cabochon.

Wide Range of Colors

Gold Sheen Sapphire colors range from gold and copper tones.  The gem is excellent in low light, often displaying flashes of gold and copper.  In strong white light or direct sunlight, fascinating geometric patterns become most apparent. Some have blue and yellow stripes, making them look like bold abstract paintings. That are all hundred percent natural will never diminish.

Brands that are using Gold Sheen Sapphire

The unique characteristics of gold sheen sapphire continue to catch the fancy of jewelry brands and boutique designers. Therefor many innovative popular fashion jewelry designers stared introducing gold sheen sapphire and has greatly admired.

gold sheen sapphire jewelry
Gold sheen sapphire jewelries designed by High-End Brands

These unusual sapphires will make even more unique jewelry pieces for sure to pop in an everyday ensemble.

It include coming out with a line of demi-fine jewelry using these shimmering gems that set in vermeil in original and affordable designs as well as higher-end jewelry pieces.

Here listed some of the high-end brands that are already indulge using gold sheen sapphire in their trendy jewelries like,

Baer Jewels

Brenda Smith


David Yurman

John Hardy

William Travis Designs

And even more. All these brands incorporated gold sheen sapphires in their jewelry line and increasing the exposure of Gold Sheen Sapphire. And the gold sheen sapphires that are unleashing opportunities to get exposure of their creativity. Seems like a win-win situation.

Influence in Gold Sheen Sapphires Price

Golden sheen sapphire is relatively new arrival to the market. But still it managed to become increasingly famous among jewelry brands, designers, investors and collectors. Therefor the price of gold sheen sapphire has keep on rising, especially for some large, multicolored, translucent pieces. As it become increasingly widely known, the carat price will continue to increase.