Gold Sheen Sapphires Color

Gold (Golden) Sheen Sapphires was obtained may be 30% usable gems. But after years of experimentation which able to get 90% in commercial grade and less than 10% as fine gems. When continue to cut out of these small portion of translucent rough material for experiment, found even more colors than the standard brownish golden yellow.

Standard golden gold sheen sapphires
Standard Golden Gold Sheen Sapphires

The multicolor gold sheen sapphires

Because of their uniqueness, the new multicolored translucent gold sheen sapphires drawing interest in the trade. Cap Beesley, of New York-based ARD Analytics, was one of the first, in 2014, to describe the new stone as “a unique bronze colored sapphire which exhibits a shimmering gold effect juxtaposed against a chocolate brown backdrop. This new material with its unique sheen, color and geometric patterns offers lots of creative options for designers, jewelers and manufacturers at a reasonable price.”

gold sheen sapphires color
Gold Sheen Sapphire Color

“In some exceptional qualities of Gold (Golden) Sheen Sapphires are found more than one color on top of the gold. The stones exhibit sheen of blue, green, gray and pink. Occasionally, but rarely, found purple. Most gems have two to three colors, but a few have even four”.

What did gemological studies find

Back in 2016, an Update On Spectroscopy Of “Gold Sheen” Sapphires was published in GIA’s Gems & Gemology (Winter 2016, Vol. 52, No. 4), which described the analysis of fourteen gold sheen sapphires of various shapes, colors and cuts by GIA’s laboratory in Bangkok.

Multicolor gold sheen sapphires
Multicolor gold sheen sapphires

“The samples had yellow and green to blue body color, were transparent to trans­lucent, and weighed 1.06 to 97.69 carats”. Among the physical properties was “an abundance of hematite/ilmenite platelets.”

Color patterns of gold sheen sapphires

A few rare Gold Sheen Sapphire color vividly emulate the flashing and folding colors and undulations of the Aurora Borealis lights in the northern night sky, leading some gemologist to call this the Aurora Effect. In addition to normal colors, gold sheen sapphire may exhibit the following colors,

  1. Gold – matching the gold color of pure gold, or pyrite
  2. Electrum – the color half way between gold and silver
  3. Bronze – The color half way between gold and copper
  4. Copper – the color of polished copper

As part of this experimentation with cuts and shapes, which ever tried to enhance the gold sheen sapphire colors in any way. “The stones and the color gold sheen sapphires produce are 100% natural, unheated and unique” as most of the gemological laboratories mentioned in their certificates.

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