Beware fake Gold Sheen Sapphires out there

As the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold”. The same holds for comparisons between Brown Sapphires and Gold Sheen Sapphires. Brown Sapphires can sometimes exhibit a gold sheen, but this is a rare occurrence as a result of crystal morphology and unique characteristics based on needles and platelets. Beware of fake gold sheen sapphires and continue reading.

This is an important topic because some gold sheen sapphires can sell up to $2,000 per carat or more, yet a google searches reveal gems claimed to be gold sheen for under $10 per carat. Like separating any natural gem from its stimulants, price is the first indicator that lets the buyer know the seller might be less than honestly describing the product.

Difference Between Gold Sheen Sapphire and non Sheen Sapphire

differences between gold sheen sapphire and non sh sapphireeen
Difference between gold sheen and non sheen

Gold Sheen Sapphires themselves are a rare commodity in the gem world and one in which clarity of the stone is irrelevant, what matters is its opacity and color based on its mineral content.

Gemological researches

Gold (golden) sheen sapphire is an industry recognized unique variety of corundum that came to prominence with an report in the Journal of Gemology in 2015 and subsequent additional investigation by other gemological labs, including the Gemological Institute of America.

gold sheen sapphires
Multicolor Gold (Golden) Sheen Sapphires

Major gemological laboratories in the world have independently tested gold sheen sapphire, and reached similar conditions. It includes some of the most prestigious gemological laboratories and the most respected in the world like,

1. Gemological Institute of America
2. Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand
3. Lotus Gemology
4. Gem Research Swiss lab
5. The Asian Gem Laboratory
6. Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences
7. Tokyo Gem Labs
8. International colored gemstone association

These include some of the most prestigious gemological laboratories, and the most respected gemologists in the world – no less than the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand, Lotus Gemology, Gem Research Swiss lab the Asian Gem Laboratory, the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences, and the Gemological Institute of America.

The remarkable abilities of gold sheen sapphires

Another unique rare occurrence that sets apart gold sheen sapphire or golden sheen sapphire is the “Aurora” effect as noted by its discoverer, Tanzim Khan.

Mr. Tanzim Khan is the original authority of these stones, having discovered the mine in Kenya in 2010 from where the stone originates. The interplay of blue and green colors exhibited in some stones when passing through light creates a vision akin to the “Aurora Borealis”.

The richness of the hexagonal patterns and craze lines give it the most prominent sheen exhibited among any of the sapphire family stones. The inclusions on the stone have a story to narrate, so much so that light at different angles projects different characteristics of the gold sheen sapphire.

Gold Sheen sapphires have this rare and unique combination of features, that make it a remarkable stone. One has to see it and experience its charm.

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