Genuine Gems & Jewellery Co. Ltd

Genuine Gems and Jewellery co., ltd is a 23 years old company located in Bangkok Thailand. Started back in 1999 by Mr. Tanzim khan Malik a gemstone enthusiast from India who primarily used to dealing with the rubies and sapphires. Especially the Kashmir sapphires. In 2013 he made an amazing discovery of the modern times the gold sheen sapphire from Kenya. After purchasing the entire content of the sapphire mine which was excavated untill 2014 from the deepest Africa on the borders of Kenya, since then Mr. Khan’s journey and been long and often lonely.

As soon as he saw the rough, he recognized the unique characteristics and tried to cut them to bring out the real hidden beauty. After spending endless nights learning from his own mistakes, here by the end result was extremely gratifying.

Today Mr. khan refers his discovery as “Beyond belief” and the success of its reception beyond his wildest dreams, he managed to acquire the mine’s entire production and states that his company holds the enough rough to provide cut stones for many years to come.

Genuine Gems & Jewellery company has its stores in Thailand, Indian and Nepal. Head office in Bangkok with a well-equipped gemstone cutting factory where highly skill labors are carving the most elegant looking gold sheen sapphires on daily bases and successfully fulfilling the orders as per the requirement of clients and there specifications. We genuine gems company ltd also exhibit these most unique and rare gold sheen sapphires in the trade shows such as America (Tucson), Hong Kong and Bangkok gems & jewelry fair.

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